Release Notes

General Release Notes:

Custom Reports:  To improve responsiveness to client specific reporting needs, PDS has been upgraded with support for custom reports. These reports are built in the same manner as custom ID Cards, and can be built focusing upon the Structure, Household or Individual. As part of this process, the designer for custom reports/cards has seen substantial improvements in ease of use, and field alignment support.

Address User Definable Fields:  User defined address fields may now be added to records.
Additional General Improvements:  Besides the obvious changes, the entire software has had a thorough review in our efforts to make PDS as effective and reliable as possible.

Release Note Details:

10.1.2 (2020-6-26)

-    Added Address UDF
-    Added an icon to the login timeout button
-    Improved placement handling to work cross-application
-    Fixed bindings not persisting in the custom report designer
-    Fixed individual data entry phone linking and captions
-    Fixed custom report individual phone linking and captions
-    Fixed duplicate birth city field in custom report
-    Added preliminary support for Custom Report Type to Database Setup
-    Fixed custom report individual signature displaying when not checked
-    Fixed prompts not show up in additional options for custom reports
-    Expanded custom report designer properties to prevent color selection rubberbanding
-    Fixed structure report builder result list
-    Updated back-end to specify which application a custom report is for
-    Fixed Individual Last, First binding in custom report
-    Added export for custom report xml
-    Added import for custom report xml
-    Fixed import to restrict by scope
-    Added household custom report
-    Added super structure custom report
-    Added sub structure custom report
-    Added structure inhabitants binding
-    Added handling for bindings with missing roots in custom report
-    Added error display for barcodes with bad data in custom report
-    Fixed household income binding in custom report
-    Updated prompted fields to not require %value% in custom reports
-    Updated prompted fields to not require %value% in id cards
-    Fixed suffix binding in custom report
-    Fixed multi-column field layout in the custom report
-    Fixed custom report type values being incorrectly stored in the payment hold status table
-    Fixed auto suggest textbox wording falling behind the dropdown arrow
-    Added support for naming pages in custom reports
-    Added text replacement support in custom reports
-    Fixed multi column fields always being at the top left in custom reports
-    Added flyout for undoing removing a page in the custom report designer
-    Fixed error when authorizing signature 2 added but not set in custom report
-    Added upper case text replacement support to custom reports
-    Added a button to copy pages in a custom report
-    Added full feature snap support to the custom report builder
-    Fixed Custom Report text replacement erroring for certain fields when upper case
-    Updated occupation fields and the identification tribe field to use auto suggest textboxes
-    Updated Custom Report Type use count calculation
-    Added blank option for Custom Report Type to the Custom Report Designer
-    Fixed BIA Labor Force year
-    Added filtering to report builder for table lookups
-    Updated military information to clear enlistment dates when toggling the veteran/enlisted
-    Added snap support for the id card designer
-    Added last login to security users list
-    Updated the household report builder occupation lists to only show in-use values
-    Updated the household report builder UDF section to have folders for household and individual
-    Updated the household report builder with filter and output for aka name type
-    Fixed other job skill not clearing when added
-    Added expiration by birth date to custom reports
-    Added expiration by birth date to id cards
-    Updated duplicate ssn and enr # maintenance to not have the validators block the values
-    Updated program support sections to prevent removing in-use items
-    Updated Structure Report Builder -> Total People in Structure to treat null as 0 for filtering and output
-    Updated to not include dashes when using the duplicate ssn maintenance tool
-    Fixed programs showing Progeny tabs as options
-    Updated household report builder to only show the ethnicities in use as available filters
-    Fixed Distance From, setting zip not updating state
-    Fixed structure report builder electric source not correctly grouping
-    Fixed structure report builder heat source not correctly grouping
-    Fixed structure report builder water source not correctly grouping
-    Fixed structure report builder handicap access needs not correctly grouping
-    Fixed structure report builder safety needs not correctly grouping
-    Fixed structure report builder occupancy overcrowding filters not grouping correctly
-    Fixed opening the database setup causing a tug-of-war with the placements order that would trigger a save prompt
-    Re-added unassigned option for program tab assignment
-    Fixed exporting custom cultures/links
-    Fixed exporting custom cultures/links
-    Updated 3d charts to 2d charts
-    Fixed the Ethnicity Report crashing when no records to report on

PDS: Professional Data Management Software

NAHASDA, HUD-CDBG, BIA-HIP and all other housing and community developement programs will benefit from this data management system. The PDS software provides invaluable tools that are necessary for today's planners, grant writers, housing programs and service providers.

Household Records

  • Vital household (and individual) information categories, including: Occupancy, income, employement, property status, and more.

Complete Data Collection Package

  • Comprehensive multi-use questionnaires
  • TSurvey methodolog documents
  • Survey notifications letters


  • Create custom record tabs using a ser-defined fields
  • Drag & drop report builder, customizeable report exports
  • Fully customizable ID card creation
  • Custom user groups to meet your ever growing needs

Reporting Features

  • Mailing labels
  • User-defined list and summary reports
  • Paperless report transfer and exporting options
  • Mapping capabilities

Pre-built (standardized) reports with charts, graphs, calculations, and percentages


  • User-defined and function level security
  • Customize user with a number of rights, and assign to custom groups