The People Data Systems solution provides organizations with an intergrated system in which information can be managed and shared between multiple programs including, but not limited to:

  • Education Programs
  • Employee Programs
  • Training Programs
  • Emergency Services
  • General Assistance
  • Human Services

PDS is designed to accommodate the intake, data management and reporting requirements of each particimating Department and Program.

PDS: Professional Data Management Software

NAHASDA, HUD-CDBG, BIA-HIP and all other housing and community developement programs will benefit from this data management system. The PDS software provides invaluable tools that are necessary for today's planners, grant writers, housing programs and service providers.

Household Records

  • Vital household (and individual) information categories, including: Occupancy, income, employement, property status, and more.

Complete Data Collection Package

  • Comprehensive multi-use questionnaires
  • TSurvey methodolog documents
  • Survey notifications letters


  • Create custom record tabs using a ser-defined fields
  • Drag & drop report builder, customizeable report exports
  • Fully customizable ID card creation
  • Custom user groups to meet your ever growing needs

Reporting Features

  • Mailing labels
  • User-defined list and summary reports
  • Paperless report transfer and exporting options
  • Mapping capabilities

Pre-built (standardized) reports with charts, graphs, calculations, and percentages


  • User-defined and function level security
  • Customize user with a number of rights, and assign to custom groups